Tunnel Solutions

Road tunnels are very unique environments. Keeping passengers safe and on the move are the key priorities for tunnel managers and operators. A good PA system can help overcome some of the challenges faced on a day to day basis by providing an effective means of communication between the tunnel operators and tunnel users.

Our PA Solutions for Tunnels can deliver clear and intelligible messages even when the jet fans are operating.


Designed by JBL’s Duran Audio Group, AXYS loudspeakers meet the need of a wide variety of applications including sound reinforcement for: theatre, places of worship, live music venues, night clubs, conferences and TV studios, just to name a few. Drawing on the best of today’s modern driver, amplifier and DSP technology, backed up with Duran Audio’s 25 years of experience and focused attention to detail, these products will change the way you listen. All AXYS loudspeakers are self powered with built-in DSP and include 8 presets, switchable under software control over an RS485 network or directly from the rear panel of the loudspeaker.

JBL Intellivox

The biggest challenge facing a sound system designer is devising a system which will have a high direct to reverberant sound ratio, maximizing the sound that arrives directly to the listeners ear, while reducing the sound energy from walls, ceilings and other acoustically reflective surfaces. Intellivox products make it possible to control the vertical directivity pattern and aim the sound where you want it - at the listener. Going a step beyond today’s standard beam steering, JBL’s DDS (Digital Directivity Synthesis) technology allows for full control of near field and far field coverage creating an asymmetric vertical beam contoured specifically to your application.

DDA & WinControl Prediction and Control Software for JBL Intellivox and AXYS Products

Powerful speakers require powerful software. DDA is a sophisticated 3D modeling and prediction program for use with all Intellivox and AXYS products while also supporting CLF data available from JBL and a variety of other manufacturers. WinControl offers an intuitive interface for accessing the potential in the onboard DSP of all Intellivox and AXYS products.