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Duran Audio was founded in 1981 by Gerrit Duran. For many years the company sold products under the brandname AXYS.

From the outset, AXYS® was conceived as not only a superbly engineered range of professional audio products but as a series of innovative solutions to real-life electro acoustical problems – such as poor intelligibility in voice evacuation systems and unpleasant distortion in music reproduction.

In October 2013 Duran Audio BV was acquired by HARMAN International (NYSE: HAR) and the Intellivox and AXYS ranges have since been rebranded JBL Intellivox and JBL AXYS and are now sold through the HARMAN sales channels.

The company's highly successful range of solutions for road tunnels continue to be available directly from Duran Audio BV.



Duran Audio founder Gerrit Duran.
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“By 1980, I had already built a number of sound reinforcement systems, primarily for touring bands, and orders were starting to come to me by word-of-mouth.

“My motivation for founding Duran Audio was not so much this modest on-going business but the belief that it was possible to design better audio systems.

“At the time, the trend was for louder and louder rigs but I was convinced that reduced distortion and more intelligent control were better ways forward than throwing more sound pressure at the audience.

“Time has shown this line of thinking to be even more vital in applications such as Voice Evacuation, where intelligibility can be a matter of life and death. Our technologies can project coherent sound further than any alternative design approach.

“Research & Development is a time consuming business, so it needs a team, with a range of skills to deliver fully developed solutions in a realistic timescale.

“That said, we do not play the consumer electronics game of obsoleting products every 18 months in order to stimulate sales and give a false impression of progress. Although we continually refine and improve our products, they are designed to give a working life measured in decades, not years.

“Almost everything we have ever produced is still out there and performing to specification. This is not a good scheme if you want to ‘get rich quick’! However, we believe in a sustainable, long-term approach to everything we do.




Many of the AXYS® technologies were so advanced when the Duran Audio R&D team first developed them, some loudspeaker manufacturers were a little skeptical. After all, actively controlled loudspeaker systems seemed a bit like science fiction 24 years ago – when a lot of the ‘leading edge’ PA had grown from the cinema systems of the 1950s.

But by 1994, the world’s first installed sound system using Digital Directivity Control (DDC) to minimise sound reflections went into the Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. ‘Science fiction’ had become science fact.


The Duran Audio research and manufacturing facility is based on eco-friendly, sustainable technologies. Click here to learn more

Opened in 2007, on the site of the existing Duran Audio centre, the new headquarters was designed and built for minimum energy consumption. As such, it provides a useful illustration of the Duran Audio philosophy of sustainability. While there are undoubtedly cheaper ways to construct a building, the low energy requirements of the Duran Audio HQ makes it the more profitable approach in the longer term, as well as conserving valuable resources. Remarkably, there is no heating as such – natural heat is drawn through pipes buried deep into the Earth. Similarly, automated blinds at the windows and naturally rendered lime walls create an eco-friendly alternative to air conditioning systems that are based on artificial refrigeration.

In the years that followed, AXYS® solutions and technologies have been widely accepted at an academic level and extensively proven in installations throughout the world.

They are not – and can never be – ‘the cheapest’ but they are designed to deliver continuous performance for decades in even the most mission-critical situations. Hence AXYS® engineering offers unparalleled peace of mind, as well as excellent long-term return on investment.

This commitment to R&D is ongoing.




Dr Evert Start, of Duran Audio, receiving the Peter Barnett Memorial Award for 2006, in recognition of his contribution to the field of electro-acoustics. Click here to learn more about the R&D team

The Duran Audio R&D team has four main areas of focus:
  • Electro-Acoustic/Loudspeaker design
  • Digital and Analogue Electronic Design
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Software development, user interfaces
Together, these core competencies are used to deliver some of the most effective and advanced audio delivery solutions in the world.
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Oct 17, 2013
HARMAN, the leading global audio and infotainment company (NYSE: HAR), today announced the acquisition of privately-held Duran Audio BV.
Jun 20, 2011
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