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Signal Processing - OctaDrive
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The AXYS Octadrive DSP is designed as a multi channel line driver, with on-board DSP and RISC processor, that is intended for use in professional audio installations. All the signal processing functions, necessary to properly control and monitor each output channel are implemented on-board.

The unit has 2 analogue audio inputs, 8 digital audio inputs via CobraNet®, a Digital Signal Processor with 10 inputs and eight transformer balanced analogue outputs.

Additional functionality is provided to allow specific audio paths to be broadcast from the Octadrive via CobraNet.

The analogue audio inputs are transformer balanced & all necessary signal processing is implemented in the digital domain by means of a 32 bits floating point DSP.

The DSP allows provides users with control of the: output channel gain, equalisation filters and delays.

Besides the aforementioned, the DSP also provides: EQ, pre-delay, volume and
autogain, and compression as required.

The output section is equipped with eight independent low impedance drive channels. Each output is transformer balanced and be equipped with circuitry to compensate for the distortion created by the transformers. Hardware bypass functionality from analogue input 1 to all analogue outputs is also provided.

A headphone amplifier is also be provided to allow local monitoring of all analogue inputs and outputs.




The AXYS® Octadrive is essentially a special-purpose two input, eight output audio distribution amplifier. It has been specifically designed as a line driver, to allow high quality analogue audio to be sent over long cable runs. It incorporates a number of fail-safe features, making it very reliable and suitable for use in critical life-safety situations.

As well as fixed installations, it has applications in broadcast (particularly OB) and live sound, where it is especially suited for driving stage-located amplifiers from the FOH mix position in large venues.


• Eight independent, low impedance transformerbalanced outputs
• Two transformer-balanced main inputs
• Eight additional direct inputs (impedance balanced),one per output
• +20 dBV headroom drive capability @ 0 dBV nominal
• Input pilot tone detection
• Internal pilot tone generator, routed to outputs
• Surveillance/failure relay
• Fail-safe hardware bypass function
• Universal power supply (100-240 VAC)

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