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Moxa configuration
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Duran Audio recommends the MOXA NPort W2150 plus for use with the AXYS® iOS apps


How do I connect my AXYS® iOS app to my AXYS® product via wireless using a MOXA NPort W2150 plus?


Open the webinterface (see the 'Quick Installation Guide' on how to reach the webinterface)

Go to 'Serial Port Settings'->'Port 1'->'Operation Modes'

Set the following parameters:

· Application -> Socket
· Mode -> TCP Server
· Max Connection -> 1
· TCP port -> 4001
· Cmd port -> 966

Click 'Submit'

On the next screen click 'Back'

Go to 'Serial Port Settings'->'Port 1'->'Communication Parameters'

Set the following parameters:
· Baud rate -> 19200
· Flow Control -> None
· Interface -> RS-422 !! 'RS-485 4-wire' will also work, but reduces the noise margin

Install Jumpers JP5 and JP6, refer to the 'Quick Installation Guide' for their location within the device

Cable Wiring:

  MOXA      AXYS Audionet
1 = TxD-             4 = B
2 = TxD+            5 = A
3 = RxD+            2 = Y
4 = RxD-            3 =  Z
5 = GND            1 = GND

Note: When the Moxa NPort is in Ad Hoc mode, its WLAN IP must be set to static, otherwise it will not accept connections other than the web interface



Note: When using an "Ad-Hoc" connection; connecting directly to the MOXA from your device. Then you must follow the advice below.

Before you can use your Moxa convertor with the AXYS iOS apps then you must setup the Wifi on your iOS device.

To do this follow these simple steps:

1 - Go to "Settings" on your iOS device

2 - Select Wi-Fi

3 - Click on the network which has the same name as your MOXA Profile name. This name can be changed in the MOXA WLAN settings.

4 - Set the IP Address to Static

5 - Enter an IP Address that's in the same range as the WLAN of the MOXA device

6 - Enter a Subnet Mask

7 - You're done, you can now start using the AXYS iOS Apps on your device

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