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It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of software to the innovative range of solutions that AXYS® delivers to its users.

Whereas most speaker systems are shipped with directivity and other key performance parameters preset by the manufacturer, AXYS® software places considerable control in the hands of the contractor or designer, enabling every AXYS® system to be precisely tailored to its operating environment.

AXYS® software solutions include WinControl – a tool that offers commonly-required Digital Signal Processing (DSP) functions such as volume, EQ and delay, along with a wealth of system monitoring capabilities. AXYS® has also developed the hyper-advanced DDA, where users can radically optimise speaker directivity patterns through the unique AXYS® Digital Directivity Control (DDC) and Digital Directivity Synthesis (DDS) technologies.

(There are also whole swathes of AXYS® technology that could only be realised in the first place through the use of highly sophisticated modelling, measurement and control software – topics that are beyond the scope of this web site.)

While a software-free system might allow for performance levels acceptable when addressing small numbers of people, it’s of no earthly use in the world of large-scale PA and sound reinforcement,


where revenues, reputations and even lives can depend on intelligible sound, delivered without fail.

In such situations, the obstacles AXYS® software helps to overcome are found in difficult acoustic conditions, where complex reflective boundaries are frequently combined with high levels of ambient noise.

Inevitably, any viable design solution involves multiple drivers, bringing with it problems associated with sound sources that are often considerable distances apart. Here again, AXYS® software – using DDA’s build-in delay optimiser - is the key to delivering phase-coherent sound at all listener positions.

Naturally, the ability to achieve this consistently gives AXYS® a considerable competitive advantage in safety-critical PA and voice evacuation systems, as well as theatrical and musical applications, where audio transparency is a major factor in audience enjoyment.

But software can only be considered a ‘solution’ if the potential power of any adjustable parameters can be easily accessed and accurately controlled by the user. For this reason, the AXYS® software team has devoted a considerable amount of resource to developing a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is flexible, intuitive and – above all – a dependable tool for the sound designer.





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