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The AXYS® Target System

Whether you need a permanent, semi-permanent or mobile front of house solution, the AXYS® Target system offers a level of control previously unavailable in a touring system.

This self powered, scaleable system with built-in DSP, takes full advantage of AXYS® Digital Directivity Synthesis (DDS). This forward thinking technology, developed by Duran Audio, electronically moulds the array dispersion to the audience space; providing even SPL distribution, reduced noise nuisance and improved intelligibilty. This outstanding performance is achieved without compromising the system's sound quality and, like all AXYS® sound reinforcement products, the Target System offers truly transparent and uncoloured reproduction.

Built-in Processing
As well as providing the processing for directivity control, the 32 bit floating point DSP in each unit offers a wealth of features including Volume control, 8 Band Parametric Equalisation and Delay. Parameters are adjusted using AXYS® WinControl, our proprietary DSP control software and uploaded to the non-volatile memory in each unit, via the RS-485 network (see page 6 for further information).

Self Powered
In addition to built-in processing, each loudspeaker is driven by an on-board, dedicated class AB amplifier, with a sophisticated switch mode power supply. All of which combines to ensure easy installation and years of reliable operation.


Unlike traditional ‘Line Arrays’ the AXYS® Target system is truly scaleable. It isn’t limited to a minimum array length as each unit has a wide opening angle as standard. This allows a single unit to be used on its own, or as part of a DDS controlled array. The DDS processing also gives you the power and flexibility to build cardioid bass arrays, logarithmically or double spaced bass arrays and end-fire arrays.

A further benefit of the AXYS® Target system is the choice of flying or ground stacking an array. Add to this the fact that any directivity adjustment and fine tuning is then applied digitally and you have an extremely flexible and easy to install system for any sized application or venue.

To ensure the optimum installation and adjustment, AXYS® DDA (Digital Directivity Analysis) software has been developed to predict the performance of the Target System and then simulate the results as a dynamic 3-D visualisation.

AXYS® Target U-16

The Target U-16 uses a vertical slot diffraction HF horn which is coupled to the state-of-the-art 1” neodymium compression driver. Result: high sensitivity and extremely dynamic and transparent sound reproduction. The narrow horizontal outline of the HF horn allows close spacing of the 6.5" low-mid drivers eliminating interference resulting in a smooth horizontal radiation pattern.

The drive and control for these devices is provided by the built-in amplification and DSP.


AXYS® Target U-16


AXYS® Target T-2820
The Target T-2820’s high frequency section comprises of 2 x 1.4 inch high sensitivity compression drivers mounted onto specially designed high impedance flares. The horn-loaded mid range comprises of 2 x 10 inch low distortion/high efficiency transducers. The drive and control for these devices is provided by the built-in amplification and DSP.  

AXYS® Target T-2820

Target              2820

AXYS® Target B-215
The Target B-215 is designed to compliment both the Target T-2820 and Target U-16, providing accurate low frequency response. Each B-215 comprises of 2 x 15 inch high power large excursion transducers. The cabinet tuning has been defined using output impedance control techniques. The drive and control for these devices is provided by the built-in amplification and DSP.  

AXYS® Target B-215

B 215

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