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WinControl Server is an industrial-standard PC running the Service version of AXYS’s WinControl software. This combination allows monitoring of the entire audio system from a central point, plus full control and configuration of the AXYS components. As well as visual indication of system status, it also provides fault logging and fault reporting via email. A programmable failure relay can be wired to an external alarm or BMS to give an overall system fault warning.

A message store is incorporated allowing emergency or advisory announcements to be triggered or played automatically.

A multi-function external control port allows WinControl Server to be interfaced to external SCADA, BMS or other control systems. This can be used to trigger messages, request status reports from other system components, mute/unmute selected amplifiers and/or loudspeakers, load specific configuration presets into amplifiers or loudspeakers, etc.

WinControl Server communicates with other AXYS products via either RS-485 or CobraNet. In the event of an application or OS crash, an onboard watchdog reboots the PC, with no impact on audio transmission through the other system components. The software has multiple, password-protected access levels.

For fully redundant operation, two WinControl Servers may be installed in a “hot-hot” configuration, with autonomous control of master/slave status being applied via the external control port.

• Dedicated industrial-quality server computer
• Runs Service (enhanced) version of AXYS WinControl software
• Provides control/monitoring of an entire distributed audio system
• Full fault logging with alerts
• Incorporates message store for announcements
• Interface with system components via RS-485, CobraNet and external control port
• Automatic reboot on crash


Example setup in a Road Tunnel:

Most countries’ safety standards require public transport tunnels to incorporate an audio system to be used in emergency evacuation situations. This will generally use special-purpose horn loudspeakers mounted in the tunnel roofs. Intelligibility is paramount as once passengers have left their vehicles or a train, a radio break-in system or the train PA will not be usable to relay evacuation information. In some cases, tunnels may be many kilometres long and require distributed amplification. Distributing audio in the digital domain via CobraNet is an ideal solution, as high audio quality can be maintained and CobraNet can also carry control data to the outlying amplifier locations. CobraNet is also able to use a conventional Ethernet IT infrastructure and can be transmitted via copper or fibre as desired. A dual-redundant fibre network – commonly a ring configured as a spanning tree network - would be appropriate for a tunnel system, with local units being configured for automatic switch-over from primary to secondary fibre in the event of a failure.

The system illustrated above uses dual WinControl Servers with both regular network and CobraNet connections to a fully-redundant fibre ring configured as a spanning tree. AXYS PB Series Industry amplifiers driving the tunnel horns are fed from the ring via CobraNet. An Octadrive DSP is similarly connected, and is used to derive line level audio which feeds a radio break-in system, allowing drivers to receive emergency messages via their car audio systems. Audio sources are the Servers’ integral message stores, and one or more paging stations, also connected using CobraNet. The sources multicast to the amplifiers and Octadrive DSP, and zone selection is made by unmuting amplifier channels as required. All sources have pilot tone added, with local monitoring at the destinations. Reporting of tone loss is via CobraNet.

The Servers’ external control ports are connected to the facility’s SCADA system, allowing full monitoring from a single location.

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